Portfolio / Waterfall Inspiration

Until recently, little attention has been paid to complimenting your design with unique window curtains in Toronto. As trends from Europe started to become popular in North America, AB Design came to the forefront in making unique window curtains that you won’t see anywhere else in Toronto. We call it the Waterfall Inspiration. A signature design by Alina Burygina, it goes beyond the aim of a simple décor, turning your window frame into a piece of art. It encompasses feelings of symbolism drawn from nature and completely transforms the room by giving it a flow and style that few curtains can achieve. 

For those who are seeking nature-like window curtains in Toronto, consider the emotional impact that our Waterfall Inspiration will have on your room. Its aim is to create an impression of flow and peace that counters the effects of the loud, high-energy urban jungle that surrounds your residence. When window curtains in Toronto are designed to turn the room into a peaceful and serene space of relaxation, the atmosphere of your home is protected from the negative energies of the outside world, creating a truly harmonious environment.